Venezuelan Doctors Flood Border Bridge for Humanitarian U.S. Aid

Venezuelan Doctors Flood Border Bridge for Humanitarian U.S. Aid

Dozens of doctors flooded Venezuela’s border bridge with Colombia on Sunday urging the Maduro regime to stop blocking the entry of humanitarian aid into the crisis-stricken country.

Aid workers remain unable to provide healthcare professionals in the country with emergency medical resources because Maduro – who is no longer legally president of the country but still controls the military – ordered soldiers to blockade the bridge that connects Venezuela to Colombia.

In their attempts to block the entry of aid, Venezuelan soldiers positioned tankers on the Tienditas international bridge connecting Venezuela with Colombia, making it impossible for supplies to reach those within the country:

Dr. Jose Luis Mateo, a member of the NGO United Doctors, told Efecto Cocuyo, a local opposition outlet, that the Maduro regime is blocking the entry of aid so they can continue to exercise control over the most vulnerable.

Testimonio Doctor José Luis Mateo de La Riva, de Médicos Unidos: "Nosotros, que estamos en los hospitales, que vemos a la gente desnutrida y morir por falta de medicinas, vemos lo deficiente que está la situación de salud en el país" #10Feb — Efecto Cocuyo (@EfectoCocuyo) February 10, 2019

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