Tulsi Gabbard: 'Al Qaeda Is Stronger Now Than They Were on 9/11'

Tulsi Gabbard: 'Al Qaeda Is Stronger Now Than They Were on 9/11'

“It’s, you know, looking back on that day, remembering where we were, and as we observed al Qaeda attacking us, and seeing the thousands of our fellow Americans who were killed on that day, and seeing the brave acts that these heroes, our first responders, put forward as they ran into those crumbling buildings as so many people were trying to get out, to see how many people they could save,” she said.

“And like so many Americans, it was this event that made me decide in my own life that I wanted to dedicate my life to keeping the American people safe, to finding and defeating those who attacked us on that day, and to protecting our freedoms.

“But also, we’ve got to recognize how much our leaders have failed us, where instead of focusing one, pointedly, on defeating al Qaeda and its affiliates and offshoots, instead, they went and started waging a series of regime change wars in places like Iraq and Libya, and the ongoing regime-change war in Syria,” Gabbard continued.

We have lost thousands of American lives in these wars, my brothers and sisters in uniform.

Al Qaeda is stronger now than they were on 9/11.

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