To Democrats, Governing Is Someone Else's Problem

To Democrats, Governing Is Someone Else's Problem

He added that enforcing the law “does not mean senseless and unnecessary killing by those who act in the name of government.” And he also described what the left calls “systemic racism” today — social problems that resulted from the legacy of slavery, “a condition that has been with us for 300 years, now worsened and intensified under the strains of modern life.”

Instead, under pressure from Black Lives Matter activists, they have pulled the police back.

The conference call that leaked last month between Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and aldermen in the city while the Black Lives Matter riots were raging revealed a leader incapable of listening to, let along responding to, desperate pleas of residents for help.

In Los Angeles, where Mayor Eric Garcetti is cutting $150 million from the police budget, the city council voted last week to approve a plan to replace armed police with unarmed “crisis response” teams for non-violent calls.

Watching a crazed mob tear down the statue of Christopher Columbus in Pelosi’s native Baltimore on July 4, it was impossible to believe an earlier generation of Democratic leaders would have allowed such destruction.

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