Think-Tank: Half of Italians Could Be Muslim By 2100

Think-Tank: Half of Italians Could Be Muslim By 2100

An Italian think-tank has predicted that due to mass migration and differing birthrates, half of all Italians could be Muslims by the end of the century.

The authors claim that nearly eight out of ten immigrants coming into Italy are Muslims and also noted that Muslims tend to have much higher birthrates than native Italians, with Muslim women having twice as many children on average.

The stagnant and declining birthrate has been discussed for years in Italy with the Italian Statistics Bureau (ISTAT) releasing a report last year predicting a decline in the population of around ten per cent by 2065.

Populist politician and former interior minister Matteo Salvini has repeatedly brought up the issue of population decline, advocating for policies and incentives to increase the ailing birth rate.

In July of last year, Salvini spoke out on the subject saying, “A country which does not create children is destined to die” and warned that the political left would use the issue to garner support for increased mass migration levels.

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