Texas Border Mayor Sick of DC 'Blame Game' on 'Broken Asylum System'

Texas Border Mayor Sick of DC 'Blame Game' on 'Broken Asylum System'

The mayor of a Texas border city told council members he is sick of the blame game from Republicans and Democrats in Washington DC about what he called the “broken asylum system.”

The comments from Laredo, Texas, Mayor Pete Saenz came during a city council meeting on April 4 where the City was debating a resolution calling on President Donald Trump to not close the border with Mexico.

“We’re in the crossfire of both Democrats, Republicans, the president,” Mayor Saenz said during a discussion on the resolution.

“I told the congressman today, ‘you guys, over there, need to get your act together and get both parties together and come up with some laws that are going to try to minimize all these asylum claims,” Chief Landin expressed.

The council passed the resolution, including language that “Laredo, Texas, is a safe city, that trade is the solution and not the problem, directing Mexico to stop shepherding caravans of illegal immigrants to Laredo’s port, urging more personnel for border security, and, where needed, strategic infrastructure, urging the federal government to provide a better worker visa program, and include local crime statistics.” The resolution passed on a 5-0 vote.

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