Sex-Ed School: Trans ‘Man’ Teaches Children About Cross-Sex Hormones

Sex-Ed School: Trans ‘Man’ Teaches Children About Cross-Sex Hormones

The Canadian-based YouTube series called “Sex-Ed School” is featuring an instructional video for children in which a biological woman who has assumed a male gender identity explains to young children how taking testosterone and having her breasts removed helped her achieve her desired male qualities.

Targeted for children aged 9-12, the series states it is “a safe place where kids can talk openly & honestly about sexuality, the body & healthy relationships!”

“Kaleb” then played a game with the children called “Musical Biological Sex Chairs” in which the children sat in all kinds of chairs, some of which were supposedly “uncomfortable.” She asked them to get up and walk around while she rang a bell.

Sex-Ed School says it receives financial support from the Shaw Rocket Fund, whose slogan is “Fuelling [sic] Creativity – it’s what we do.”

The Shaw Rocket Fund says it is “a forward-thinking, not-for-profit organization” that “aims to continually enhance the media experience of children, youth and families.”

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