Peru Trapped Americans in Hostel, Sprayed Them with Bleach

Peru Trapped Americans in Hostel, Sprayed Them with Bleach

Officials in Peru doused a group of Americans with bleach as they tried to leave the country after being placed in a nationwide quarantine, according to footage and witness testimony obtained by The Washington Post.

The incident took place after dozens of tourists were quarantined at the Pariwana hostel in Cusco, Peru, for two weeks after health officials identified two hostel guests as carriers of the Chinese coronavirus.

Rather than quarantining the two individuals who tested positive, authorities told the group that they must stay in the hostel for a minimum of 28 days and possibly up to several months.

Conditions in the hostel holding 120 people, which included the group of Americans, reportedly began to deteriorate as guests complained of insufficient food offerings and a lack of information from the Peruvian government.

“We have been in touch with local authorities in Cusco on this incident and will continue discussions with our Peruvian counterparts to ensure that health care practices comply with international standards,” a State Department spokesperson said after the incident.

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