Over 70% of Coronavirus Fake News Comes from China

Over 70% of Coronavirus Fake News Comes from China

Over 70 percent of fake news and disinformation related to the Chinese coronavirus originates from China, according to a new analysis from Taiwan’s Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau (MJIB).

Other forms of disinformation include doctored images, allegedly of Taiwanese news channels, and fake government announcements.

Another account reportedly shared a fake announcement from the Taipei City government declaring that the capital’s Mayor Ko Wen-je had been forced to cancel his day’s schedule after experiencing symptoms of the virus.

Amid the height of the outbreak in February, Taiwan similarly accused Chinese internet trolls of attempting to create hysteria surrounding the coronavirus, creating the false impression that the country’s government was covering up the extent of the outbreak.

“We suspect that mainland Chinese Internet trolls are making up and spreading the false messages based on the content and the phrases,” the Investigation Bureau said in a statement at the time.

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