Now Boris’s Green Gestapo Are Coming for Your Coal Fires

Now Boris’s Green Gestapo Are Coming for Your Coal Fires

Together with a mooted ban on gas-fired boilers and gas-fired cookers — both extremely popular in the country — the new, green-obsessed administration appears to be signalling that an Englishman’s home is no longer his castle and that his hearth now belongs to the government.

In reality, it is part of the Johnson administration’s mission to take total control of Britain’s energy economy by removing traditional fossil fuel alternatives like gas, coal and wood from the mix, and forcing households to use increasingly expensive electricity generated from such government-approved sources as wind, solar and the overpriced nuclear power generated by Hinkley Point C.

Boris, argues Peiser, is turning into the anti-Donald-Trump.

Whereas Trump rewarded his base in America’s industrial heartlands by encouraging the cheap, abundant, fossil fuel energy that ordinary folk want and need, Boris is doing the opposite by going full on green and appealing only to affluent, middle-class townies.

The list of unforced errors made by the Boris administration in pursuit of its foolish quest to take Britain Net Zero by 2050 includes: the planned cancellation of diesel and petrol cars; no extension for Heathrow airport; no exploitation of Britain’s abundant shale gas reserves; a mooted rise in fuel duty; the replacement of gas boilers and cookers with electric ones; Extinction Rebellion protestors allowed to block highways, vandalise private property with impunity; and now the abolition of coal fires and the threatened cancellation of woodburners.

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