Marine Le Pen 'Purges' Party Leadership of Social Conservative Figures

Marine Le Pen 'Purges' Party Leadership of Social Conservative Figures

French populist Marine Le Pen has reportedly ousted several prominent social conservatives from the National Rally’s (RN) inauguration committee ahead of French regional elections.

The reshuffle sees six members removed from the National Inauguration Committee, around a quarter of the total members, many of them well-known as being socially conservative.

Mr Collard told French newspaper Le Figaro: “I will resign from the national office (the party leadership).

Mr Bay, a staunch social conservative, spoke out on Friday about the European Commission spending €36.5 million on “Islamist” associations between 2014 and 2019, but did not comment on his removal from the committee.

According to Le Figaro, Marine Le Pen and the RN are looking to invest in candidates more loyal to Ms Le Pen, particularly as regional councillors have an important role as signatories to her planned 2022 presidential bid, with each candidate requiring 500 signatures.

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