Malibu Officials Say Homeless Dumping Sewage onto Public Beaches

Malibu Officials Say Homeless Dumping Sewage onto Public Beaches

A city councilmember warned Wednesday of the potential health issues the growing homeless community poses in Malibu, California.

They’re dumping [sewage] right onto the rocks or onto the beach, into the public right of way,” Wagner stated, adding that the issue was “a health violation, and it’s a humanitarian violation.”

In 2018, the city adopted the Homelessness Strategic Plan which employs two full-time outreach workers who offer services to Malibu’s homeless population and work to connect them with permanent housing solutions.

“The goals of the Homelessness Strategic Plan are to assist homeless individuals in a more effective way, mitigate public health and public safety impacts, and align Malibu’s local efforts with those of the Los Angeles County Homeless Initiative,” the site read.

“We’re not sure where to put that safe parking program and there are a lot of obstacles—if you put it on public property and you can’t get people to move, that creates issues.

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