Literally No One Cares About #Yellowhammer

Literally No One Cares About #Yellowhammer

That’s the sound of 17.4 million fucks not being given about the Remoaners’ latest fake news scare story, codenamed Yellowhammer.

We know that at the very least 17.4 million people don’t give a toss what these released documents say.

But that figure fails to take into account all the millions more who either didn’t turn up to vote Brexit because they thought – not unreasonably – that the Establishment would contrive to ignore their decision.

Nor the millions who voted Remain but have since changed their minds having realised just how disgusting the Remoaner Liberal Elite actually are and just how vile and vindictive the anti-democratic European Union is.

Yellowhammer – for what it’s worth – is the code name for some worst-case-scenario documents, prepared by the Remainer Civil Service, as an exercise to wargame a No Deal Brexit.

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