It 'Is a Therapy That Has Proven Successful'

It 'Is a Therapy That Has Proven Successful'

During a press conference on Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) defended including cannabis in the House’s coronavirus legislation and argued cannabis “is a therapy that has proven successful” and is related to coronavirus.

Because there was a lot of unrelated things in there, including money for the FBI building, money for defense to replenish the wall.

There’s some things in your bill that’s not directly related to COVID, like they’re talking about cannabis or the SALT reduction.

Pelosi responded, “Well, I don’t agree with you that cannabis is not related to this.

This is a therapy that has proven successful, and it is by no means of the caliber of money or misrepresentation that remodeling the federal building is for over a billion dollars so that another hotel doesn’t come in there and compete with the president’s hotel.

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