Iranian Media: Lebanon Blast ‘Resembles Israeli-Type Operations’

Iranian Media: Lebanon Blast ‘Resembles Israeli-Type Operations’

Most of the Fars article lamented the humanitarian tragedy of the Tuesday explosion, the economic damage it will inflict, and the potentially dire consequences for Lebanon’s tottering government.

Feiglin, therefore, celebrated the alleged destruction of terrorist weapons as a “wonderful celebration in honor of the day of love,” referencing the Jewish holiday of Tu B’Av that was observed on Tuesday.

After lamenting the damage from the explosion in Beirut, Fars concluded by blaming the United States for the calamity in addition to Israel:

The U.S. Treasury Department has designated 39 individuals and entities for sanctions under the Caesar Act, including Syrian dictator Bashar Assad and his wife Asma.

As the Washington Post noted when Caesar Act sanctions went into effect, the economic crisis in Lebanon was not caused by the Act, or by previous U.S. and European sanctions, contrary to efforts at assigning such blame by the regimes in Damascus and Tehran.

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