Hispanic Celebrities Criticize Pope on Venezuela

Hispanic Celebrities Criticize Pope on Venezuela

Some of the Latin American music industry’s biggest names criticized the Vatican this week for its lukewarm stance on the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, urging Pope Francis, himself South American, to support the majority of the country against dictator Nicolás Maduro’s violent socialist regime.

In January, while visiting Panama, a Vatican spokesman issued a statement on the inauguration of interim President Juan Guaidó with no indication of whether the Vatican, a sovereign state, would recognize Guaidó’s legitimacy or continue conducting diplomacy through dictator Maduro.

Maduro sent a letter to Pope Francis requesting that the Vatican mediate talks between the opposition and the socialist regime.

The Latin American music industry has largely united to send a message of solidarity to the Venezuelan people against socialism and Maduro in particular, signaling a rightward shift unimitated in the English-language entertainment industry.

Another Latin American artist, the legendary Venezuelan crooner José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma,” made similar comments about the Vatican this week, as well: “Bergoglio [Pope Francis] is still indifferent, still keeping that coldness that defines him towards those countries that want to free themselves of tyrannies.”

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