'Hero' El Paso Victim Promoted by 'Fredo' Arrested by Secret Service

'Hero' El Paso Victim Promoted by 'Fredo' Arrested by Secret Service

Secret Service arrested Chris Grant, a 50-year-old victim of the El Paso, Texas, shooting who was hailed a hero after claiming to have thrown bottles at the shooter, according to law enforcement officials who spoke to the Washington Examiner.

Grant, a survivor of the deadly August 3 shooting in El Paso, was honored by the White House for his alleged acts of heroism during the deadly shooting rampage, which took the lives of 22 and injured over two dozen more.

Enrique Carrillo told the Washington Examiner that media outlets did not immediately confirm Grant’s recollection of the event with the department, adding that “his [Grant’s] actions did not match his account.”

Additionally, according to recent reports, Secret Service arrested Grant on Monday due to an outstanding warrant.

Cuomo highlighted Grant’s depiction of the shooting last month, visiting him in the hospital and elevating his “hero” status, purportedly without first reaching out to the El Paso police department to confirm Grant’s recollection:

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