Exclusive–Tony Sayegh on Impeachment Hearings

Exclusive–Tony Sayegh on Impeachment Hearings

Democrats failed to present the public with any evidence that President Donald Trump should be impeached in their first round of public hearings this week, White House Senior Advisor for Strategy Tony Sayegh told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview on Saturday.

Sayegh also ripped Schiff for silencing Republicans, including Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), when they raise legitimate points of order or ask for unanimous consent to enter into the record documents and other pieces of evidence.

When the Democrats finally held a floor vote a couple weeks ago officially cementing their impeachment inquiry that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced more than a month earlier via press conference, it was only Democrats—not all of them, but most of them—who voted for it.

GOP lawmakers, who do not have subpoena power since they are in the minority in the House, have been trying to get more information about these concerns which all three Democrat witnesses confirmed are authentic, have tried to bring in Hunter Biden and his business business partner Devon Archer to testify in these impeachment inquiry hearings.

Nonetheless, Sayegh said particularly when Rep. Stefanik brought up with Yovanovitch the Obama State Department confirmation hearing preparation materials on Hunter Biden and Burisma was a “powerful moment.”

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