Eurosceptics Will Win ‘One Third' of EU Parliament Seats

Eurosceptics Will Win ‘One Third' of EU Parliament Seats

The European Council on Foreign Relations has predicted that Eurosceptics could win up to one-third of seats in the May European Parliament elections and that “anti-European” parties could align to undo the progressive, globalist European Project.

In its report, “How Anti-Europeans Plan to Wreck Europe and What Can Be Done to Stop It,” the ECFR, which was founded in 2007 with initial funding from George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, the researchers warn that a victory for pro-sovereigntists could result in the dismantling of the EU’s agenda, including, “abolishing sanctions on Russia to blocking the EU’s foreign trade agenda, to pulling the drawbridge up against migration.”

With the process dependent on support from the European Parliament and the Council, the ECFR fears that more nationalist-patriots will make it difficult to”defend democracy” by punishing countries that do not embrace the EU’s fundamental progressive principles.

In terms of Euroscepticism by nation, the ECFR predicts that Marine Le Pen’s National Rally will win the EP elections in France against the backdrop of rising discontent with the progressive agenda of President Emmanuel Macron and the months of Yellow Vest protests.

While the eurosceptic Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF), of which the governing coalition the League is a member, will see a near-five fold increase from six seats to 29 and the populist Eurosceptic Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD), to which fellow governing coalition partner the Five Star Movement belongs, will go from 14 to 24 seats.

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