Environmentalist Elon Musk Can Chop Down Forest to Build Tesla Factory

Environmentalist Elon Musk Can Chop Down Forest to Build Tesla Factory

Business Insider reports that an environmental challenge to the construction of Tesla’s new “Gigafactory” in Germany has been thrown out of court giving the firm the go-ahead to continue the clearing of forest land outside the town of Grünheide just east of Berlin.

Breitbart News previously reported that Tesla was ordered by a German court to stop cutting down trees in a forest near the capital of Berlin to make room for its first European “Gigafactory.” The electric vehicle maker announced plans last November to build a factory in Gruenheide, located in the eastern state of Brandenburg.

The ruling by the higher administrative court of the states of Berlin and Brandenburg came shortly after the state environmental office gave Tesla permission to clear 92 hectares of forest area to make room for the new manufacturing plant.

A Berlin-Brandenburg court has given Tesla the green light to continue the clearing of the forest area and declared the decision “final.” Tesla stated that it intends to offset the environmental impact of the construction by planting trees that cover three times the area of the factory plot.

Lucas Nolan is a reporter for Breitbart News covering issues of free speech and online censorship.

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