Elizabeth Warren Has a Major Spinelessness Problem

Elizabeth Warren Has a Major Spinelessness Problem

Failing Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren talks a good game, but when it comes to living up to her stated values, she refuses.

Two recent examples offer a perfect look at The Indian Princess’s character, or lack thereof: her convenient embrace of Super PACs and her willingness to support Mike Bloomberg, even after she rules he’s “disqualified as president of the United States.”

Warren claims to oppose super PACs, the political action committees that skirt the campaign finance limits placed on candidates by bundling together unlimited funds to support a candidate or cause, or oppose a candidate or cause.

When asked if she will stand by her principles and denounce Persist PAC, because she’s an idiot, Warren refused.

Warren announced on Thursday that Mike Bloomberg is “disqualified” unless he agrees to release people from their nondisclosure agreements.

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