Donald Trump Creates Border Wall in Guatemala

Donald Trump Creates Border Wall in Guatemala

Guatemala’s new government says it will preserve an asylum deal with the United States that allows U.S. border agencies to return migrants who pass through the Latin American country on their way to the United States.

The agreement solidifies a border wall of asylum law which can block migrants from Honduras and El Salvador, and it may be expanded to include other nations, said Reuters:

This means Guatemala is acting as a legal wall against all migrants except for people who only enter Mexico before reaching the U.S. border.

The ability to quickly send migrants back to Guatemala means that border officials are not forced to release migrants into the U.S. before their hearings in the backlogged asylum courts.

Progressives and pro-migration groups have lamented the asylum deal as the potential closure of most of the migration flow into the United States — including the flow of Indians and Africans.

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