Democrats Opposing 'Abolishing' Police Not Doing Enough to 'Address Racism'

Democrats Opposing 'Abolishing' Police Not Doing Enough to 'Address Racism'

Amy Kennedy, the Democrat candidate for New Jersey’s Second Congressional District, said during a virtual meeting that Democrats who oppose defunding or abolishing the police are not doing enough to address racism.

A Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee poll released in July found that Van Drew led Kennedy by three points.

The southern New Jersey district was one of the 31 congressional districts that President Donald Trump won during the 2016 presidential election.

National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Michael McAdams told Breitbart News that Kennedy’s statement shows that the New Jersey Democrat believes that if you do not support defunding the police, “you’re racist.”

“Amy Kennedy’s comments that if you don’t support defunding the police, you’re racist sum up her radical, out-of-step ideas that have no place in South Jersey,” McAdams told Breitbart News in a statement.

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