De Blasio ‘grandstanding’ on police reform, so cop unions file lawsuit: reports

De Blasio ‘grandstanding’ on police reform, so cop unions file lawsuit: reports

A coalition of 18 police unions in New York state has banded together with plans to oppose New York City’s recently approved police reform bill – which one union spokesman described as “political grandstanding” by Bill de Blasio, the city’s Democrat mayor, according to a report.

The so-called “diaphragm clause” of the city’s reform law spells out prohibited police actions – such as sitting, standing or kneeling on a suspect’s stomach of back, i.e., the diaphragm – that would allow a district attorney to bring misdemeanor charges against an offending officer, the New York Post reported.

“No question, this is political grandstanding by the mayor and the City Council,” Hank Sheinkopf, a police union spokesman, told the station.

In its report, WCBS noted that not a single member of the New York Police Department (NYPD) was present when the city’s bill was enacted several weeks ago.

When questioned by WCBS, Mayor de Blasio declined to comment on some police concerns that parts of the city’s law may be unconstitutional.

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