CPAC aims to turn tables on Democrats after impeachment saga

CPAC aims to turn tables on Democrats after impeachment saga

EXCLUSIVE: CPAC, the premier conservative conference set to kick off outside Washington next week, will aim to turn the tables on Democrats in the wake of both the Russia collusion investigation and impeachment of President Trump.

The Conservative Political Action Conference will consist of a five-part program highlighting what conservatives have called a “tragic narrative” since Trump launched his presidential campaign in 2015, Fox News has learned.

Part one of the program, according to conference organizers, will focus specifically on Trump’s 2016 campaign and on how former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign allegedly leveraged its connections in the Obama administration to go after Trump.

Next, Rep. John Ratcliffe, R-Texas, will lead the conversation on part four of the program, which is focused on Ukraine and the impeachment of the president — specifically on “the Biden Influence Operation.”

The event will feature Republican politicians, White House officials, officials from President Trump’s reelection campaign, and members of the conservative media.

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