China Promises 'Vigorous Countermeasures' Against Australian 'Spies'

China Promises 'Vigorous Countermeasures' Against Australian 'Spies'

China’s state-run Global Times published a lengthy report Sunday describing “vigorous countermeasures” supposedly taken by Chinese intelligence against a years-long espionage campaign waged by Australia.

Tech and intelligence writers widely mocked the report, noting the Global Times dug up some 1960s spy paraphernalia to create the alarming photos that ran with the article, which came off as a sour-grapes effort by the Chinese to reverse widespread allegations of espionage against them.

The Global Times on Sunday claimed Australia is “waging an intensifying espionage offensive against China,” including intelligence gathering, recruiting espionage assets, encouraging Chinese nationals to defect, spying on Chinese living in Australia, and creating “fake news” about Chinese espionage.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) paper even claimed Australia is making up espionage charges against China to deflect attention from its own spying campaign, describing Australia as “the thief who is crying to stop the thief” – a fair description of what critics promptly accused the Global Times of doing.

Feng Chongyi, the only alleged Australian spy named in the article, received a heavy dose of scorn.

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