Caroline Glick: The Tragedy of Jewish American Liberals

Caroline Glick: The Tragedy of Jewish American Liberals

While conservative Jewish American groups congratulated Israelis for their open democracy, liberal American Jewish groups responded to the Israeli election results by throwing a collective fit.

Ironically, the anti-Trump groups insisted that allowing the democratically elected Israeli government to implement the policy it was elected on would “put [Israel’s] core interest in maintaining a Jewish and democratic state at risk.”

In all likelihood, these Jewish groups, which overwhelmingly oppose President Trump, are insisting that the administration join them in rejecting any policy other than Israeli surrender of Judea and Samaria to Palestinian terrorists for political reasons.

To maintain their position in the Democratic Party, which is rapidly abandoning its traditional support for Israel, these groups are demanding that both Israel and the Trump administration maintain allegiance to Barack Obama’s Middle East policies in relation to the Palestinians.

The fact that a week before Passover the leaders of these groups felt it was a good idea to sign on to a political statement expressing contempt for Israeli democracy and demanding adherence to a policy rejected by the overwhelming majority of Israeli Jews, in order to lock the U.S. into a failed policy that is antithetical to Israel’s most basic interests, shows that they don’t think they can sustain or even need a broader goal than supporting Obama’s anti-Israel policies.

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