Bolsonaro: Erase 'Marxist Rubbish' from Brazilian Colleges

Bolsonaro: Erase 'Marxist Rubbish' from Brazilian Colleges

Brazilian President Jair M. Bolsonsaro has called to combat “Marxist rubbish” in universities, claiming that higher education should “form citizens and not more political militants.”

Recently elected Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has an aggressive plan to reform higher education throughout his country.

According to Bolsonaro, that plan may include erasing Marxist doctrine from institutions of higher education throughout Brazil.

“One of the goals to get Brazil out of the worst positions in the world’s education rankings is to combat the Marxist rubbish that has settled in educational institutions,” Bolsonaro tweeted.

According to the report, Bolsonaro announced his plan to rid the exam of those questions in a YouTube video.

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