Beirut Greets Macron with Chants Calling Lebanese President a 'Terrorist'

Beirut Greets Macron with Chants Calling Lebanese President a 'Terrorist'

French President Emmanuel Macron toured the streets of Beirut, Lebanon, on Thursday, becoming the first head of state to do so following Tuesday’s devastating explosion, including Lebanese President Michel Aoun.

President Aoun announced Wednesday the government would place all officials responsible for storing and securing confiscated materials at the port of Beirut between 2014 and Tuesday under house arrest until further notice.

About 100 volunteers cleaning up Gemmayze Street in #Beirut crowd around French President Macron, chanting “the people deand the fall of the regime” and “President Michel Aoun is a terrorist.”#Lebanon — Kareem Chehayeb | ???? (@chehayebk) August 6, 2020

France 24 reported that, in addition to touring populated areas attempting to rebuild, Macron visited the blast site, “now a wasteland of blackened ruins, rubble and charred debris where a 140 metre (460 feet) wide crater has filled with sea water.”

As the explosion affected a densely populated area, officials believe that many of the hundreds of missing people may be still alive under the rubble of destroyed buildings.

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